GL Best Lines Monday 12/10/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 12/10/07


Provided By Tanya

Reva: You know, I was just kidding the other day when I said that I was going to drive Edmund out to the Grand Canyon and push him off. And the church loft wasn't nearly steep enough.

Cassie: I saw you go to the stairs in the church right before Edmund came flying down.

Reva: It wasn't me, Cassie. But it's good to know that you think I could do something like that.

Cyrus: You are an odd person.

Harley: Because I'm hungry?

Cyrus: Because you'd rather start a fight than admit that you're in trouble.

Harley: I'm not in trouble.

Cyrus: See, there you go.

Harley: What do you want me to say? That every time my head hits the pillow I think about the fact that my crazy ex-husband could come back and kidnap my children? And the fact that my marriage is a disaster, and the fact that I was trapped inside of a building and...

Jeffrey: I'm no Josh, Reva.

Reva: No. No, you are no Joshua. And you know what I say about that? Hallelujah.

Jeffrey: (Chuckles) Is that church humor? Really?

Reva: Josh... he wasn't the guy who was there for me when I needed help with Jonathan. And it wasn't Josh who stood by me and didn't judge me when things went down with Alan, when everything looked worse than it could possibly ever look again. And it wasn't Josh who cooks me omelets for dinner. Or takes me on surprise trips to see my son. You did that.

Jeffrey: Well, my omelets are pretty good.

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