GL Best Lines Tuesday 11/27/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 11/27/07


Provided By Tanya

Frank: You know that Marina lives here, and, well, I have kind of had a one-track mind lately.

Olivia: So Cyrus and Marina are...

Frank: Please don't say it.

Olivia: Oh. Well, that must have made an interesting Thanksgiving.

Frank: Ah, well, if you think an all-out brawl at the dining room table is "interesting."

Olivia: I do, actually.

Frank: Yeah, well, it was ugly.

Olivia: So who won the fight?

Frank: She didn't dump him, so I guess I lost.

Gus: Well, we're not rushing into anything, you know. Well, we're not. I, you know, did this because I wanted to send out a signal to my son and give him some stability.

Harley: Well, I'm sure it will be good for Rafe.

Gus: Harley, I'm just... I'm just trying to be a good dad, you know?

Harley: You're already a good dad.

Gus: Look, I have 17 years to make up for, and I wanted to do something big. I wanted to, you know, make the commitment and let my son know that I'm serious.

Harley: And Natalia. You do want to be married to Natalia, right? Because that would help.

Alan: The first rule of business is to know the marketplace. And you have no value whatsoever to me.

Cyrus: Is this because I didn't ask for Alexandra’s hand before I married her?

Alan: Etiquette doesn't apply when it's a green-card marriage.

Cyrus: No I didn't do it properly the first time. That's why I have come to you first. To get your blessing for the divorce.

Alan: I won't give you a blessing, but I'll give you a curse.

Cyrus: If that's the way you want it. I was hoping to go quietly. But I've got to admit, I kind of like the American notion of "community property."

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