GL Best Lines Wednesday 11/14/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 11/14/07


Provided By Tanya

Bill: No, look. You know how hard things are down there for American businesses, all right? Got to scratch some local backs to get by, maybe I tried a little too hard.

Billy: That's fine. This was only supposed to be temporary until we got things worked out. When the dust had settled, I don't know if Rosa told you that. I just wish that I'd been down there to...

Bill: To fire me yourself? That's fine.

Bill: I saw in the paper, you've got that big deal on Main Street your closing, huh?

Billy: Yeah. Got it away from Alan Spaulding, actually.

Bill: How'd you pull that off?

Billy: Well, I didn't, actually. It was Lizzie. She's like one of those dogs, she gets on your leg and doesn't let go. No, she found out what her grandfather was doing and he was going to-- not treat the little people so good, and she just took it away from him.

Lizzie: Well, I didn't think that it was just about...

Bill: All right. You didn't think it was just about sex, right? Is that what you were going to try to tell me?

Lizzie: I don't know... it was like you were in my head... you were saying all these things, I... I thought we had a connection.

Bill: A connection? I've been in town for five minutes, how can we have a...

Lizzie: Well, we knew each other from before...

Bill: Yeah, you were a kid. Big deal.

Lizzie: Well, I'm not a kid. I had a kid. And a husband. And I'm trying to get my life back together.

Bill: Well, if this is all it takes to get you off track, you better take a little bit more time...

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