GL Best Lines Thursday 11/1/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 11/1/07


Provided By Tanya

Gus: Okay. When Harley asked me to leave the house, she called a lawyer to talk about divorce and everything. But then the thing with Marina came up and everything kind of got side-tracked, and it kind of left us in limbo. She is and I am. I kind of wasn't going forward and wasn't going back. And just was kind of stuck.

Natalia: And I'm stuck with you.

Gus: It's time for my marriage to end.

Natalia: Are you sure?

Gus: Yeah, I'm quite sure. And I can see that now.

Natalia: So are you filing for divorce?

Gus: Well, I know you're feelings on the whole thing. Beliefs. This isn't about the way the whole thing ends. This is about new beginnings, you know, and the future possibilities. So I'm going to ask Harley that instead of a divorce, that we try for an annulment.

Doris: There you are. Nothing a nice, hot shower can't make better, right?

Ashlee: I didn't think you'd to still be here.

Doris: Come on, I am not that bad of a mother, am I?

Ashlee: Do you really want me to answer that? (Laughs)

Ava: No, I'm not. I know you'll do anything to protect Emma. I'm counting on Doris to do the same thing for Ashlee.

Olivia: What did you find out?

Ava: Actually, she has a freaky mean streak when it comes to people getting close to Ashlee. She's so overprotective, that she drives people away. She did that with her best friend and her first boyfriend.

Olivia: What did she do?

Ava: Whatever it takes. Bullying, bribing, throwing people in jail.

Olivia: Yikes, that's one scary bitch.

Ava: She's my scary bitch.

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