GL Best Lines Friday 10/26/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 10/26/07


Provided By Tanya

Harley: She's going through the worst time and I abandon her. How do I explain this to my boys? I have no idea how to explain this to my boys. Don’t. Don’t. What do you understand? You never had anybody depend on you in your entire life.

Cyrus: Fine. Okay. You're the expert. You just keep telling me what a terrible person I am.

Harley: There's not enough time.

Marina: No. No, it's okay. When I was at the party and I figured out that something was actually going down, I told him that he needed to return all of the money.

Doris: Interesting, because he didn’t.

Marina: Not because he didn't try.

Doris: Oh, not until after he got caught.

Marina: No, he promised me that he was going to put the money back.

Doris: Oh, he promised?

Marina: Look, lady, you don't know him like I know him.

Doris: Thank God I don't, because I don't think a career criminal who steals from charities and then lies to me about it before he has me kidnapped is really a catch.

Marina: Listen, lady, I'm sorry.

Doris: You know what? Tell me you love him. Maybe that'll help.

Mallet: Maybe Detective Cooper didn't use the best judgment in her personal life, but she would never do anything to disgrace the badge.

Doris: Then maybe she should resign.

Cyrus: Well, at least Marina's all right.

Harley: Yeah, no thanks to you! She'd have been here too if she could have.

Cyrus: She had a reason to be here! She loves me, and I love her. We were going to head off and start a life together, a life like you have-- marriage, kids. A marriage you could fix or finish, whatever you want to do with it. But at least you had it. You belong somewhere. I just wanted a chance at that. You had it. You left it.

Harley: You're attacking me for trying to save your sorry butt?

Cyrus: Yeah, at least it got you to stand still for two seconds.

Harley: If we live through this, I'm going to kill you.

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