GL Best Lines Thursday 10/25/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 10/25/07


Provided By Tanya

Doctor: Well, so far she has rejected all therapy.

Mallet: Right. She's never going to forgive me for letting her be sent here.

Doctor: Oh, she will... if she gets better.

Mallet: Yeah. Yeah. Mind if I go in alone?

Doctor: You might want to wear a helmet, though.

Marina: I don't want anything from you.

Alexandra: Probably because you've already taken everything, everything that matters.

Marina: You talk about Cyrus like he's property.

Alexandra: And it was as if I didn't exist. You know what? I...I just wonder, do you ever feel guilty in the slightest? Just a little bit?

Marina: Do you?

Alexandra: I might, but, then again, I might just do it all over again. Only this time I, I wouldn't ask Griggs to be so easy on you.

Cyrus: Let me look at that.

Harley: No, it's okay.

Cyrus: You used it to break your fall.

Harley: Ahh! I'm sorry I called you tubby.

Cyrus: Hey, hey, I'm not making cracks. I'm in awe of you and your optimum weight. I'm just worried about what Marina is going to do if I bring you back in less than perfect shape.

Harley: She doesn't even have to know. I mean, I can just wave with my good hand, look!

Cyrus: Yeah, right. She's not going to forgive me.

Harley: Hey, enough of that. This was my call.

Cyrus: Good call.

Harley: You know, you traded your life for her. I'm not going to let you get all of the glory.

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