GL Best Lines Wednesday 10/24/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 10/24/07


Provided By Tanya

Reva: You're doing it again.

Josh: Doing what?

Reva: Well, it's just like the time you went to prison for her, only this time you're giving up your life so that she can have her baby.

Josh: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, you can't possibly compare...

Reva: Can't I? How can I not compare? Are you really willing to go through fertility tests and surgery and whatever else comes next? I mean, would you do that if it were up to you?

Josh: It's called marriage.

Reva: I've experienced marriage on several occasions, thank you.

Josh: I know that, Reva. I didn't mean anything by that, okay?

Reva: The point is, you haven't had a change of heart. You're just putting her needs ahead of your own.

Josh: Like she's done for me a couple of hundred times.

Reva: You know, I don't know whether to call you a saint or a sap.

Beth: Alan? What about Alan?

Cassie: He's always after the children. He's always after them.

Beth: You're thinking about Tammy.

Cassie: Your children, my children. But don't worry, Beth. We won't let them take away our babies.

Beth: No, no, no, no, no, no. Alan... Alan couldn't do that. Why would he want to?

Cassie: He's dangerous. When he finds out your baby's his.

Beth: Cassie... Cassie, you just said that...

Cassie: Kids. We're gonna play...

Beth: No, Cassie, Cassie, Cassie... you just said this baby isn't Rick’s. Cassie, you said... Cassie!

Cassie: How about some ice cream?

R.J.: It's always the ice cream when you and Josh have to tell me something.

Cassie: You're right, sweetie, you're too old for that trick. Um, remember how I told you that Josh and I wanted to have a new baby?

R.J.: I still want a dog.

Cassie: Well, we're not going to have a new baby.

R.J.: Really? Cool! I saw this golden retriever puppy.

Cassie: R.J., I'm talking about your brother Will.

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