GL Best Lines Tuesday 10/23/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 10/23/07


Provided By Tanya

Cyrus: I hate sad endings. Are you sure we can't negotiate?

Griggs: We've already done that. Your life for Marina's. I hope she was worth it, Cyrus. You cheated me out of millions for that girl, and now you're going to die. So any last words? No? All right then.

Cyrus: 476-532-967-38. Password "leukemia."

Griggs: What?

Cyrus: You didn't think I'd leave the Spaulding house with nothing, did you? I've got all their account numbers and passwords, the score of a lifetime.

Griggs: Where?

Cyrus: Right up here. But if you put a bullet in my brain, you'll never get them out.

Marina: You're giving him a death sentence. For loving me! At least send out a search party or something.

Frank: I did.

Marina: Really? Under whose command?

Frank: Joe Francozi.

Marina: Francozi? He's legally blind.

Frank: Mendoza is with him.

Marina: Oh, "doze off" Mendoza, huh? He'd be better off with Zach and Jude.

Reva: You know what I'd like to do with this? ( Vase shatters ) That felt good. ( Laughs ) I'm so glad I got that out of my system. Now, where were we?

Natalia: You really are...

Reva: Crazy? Unpredictable? Only when my family is threatened. My granddaughter is a sweet, wonderful girl who was a virgin before she met your son. Now let me ask you something: Who was responsible for using a condom?

Natalia: Rafe, of course. But it does not excuse Daisy for what she did.

Reva: And you're so pure?

Natalia: What?

Reva: I know I'm a sinner, but what about you, Natalia? Don’t you come to town to steal another woman's husband?

Natalia: No. No, that is not true.

Reva: Really? I seem to have heard that you slept with Gus, who was married to Harley. Now, that's adultery, isn't it?

Natalia: No... I mean, yes. But it was not like that. It was... Gus and Harley were having problems before I even got here.

Reva: They were having problems? I don't remember them having any problems.

Natalia: It was not an affair. It was one time together.

Reva: And one time doesn't count?

Natalia: I am very aware that it was a sin.

Reva: Before you came to town, Harley and Gus were a happily married couple, and now they're talking to lawyers. You do the math.

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