GL Best Lines Wednesday 10/17/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 10/17/07


Provided By Tanya

Harley: My daughter gets pregnant and she can't tell me? She makes this decision, and she doesn't tell me this?

Natalia: This isn't about you, Harley.

Reva: I know everybody's upset.

Natalia: Upset? Daisy and Rafe made a mistake, and we could have dealt with that, but ending an innocent life?

Buzz: Hey, hey, now wait a minute here!

Natalia: No, no. You call it what you want. But I know in my... in my soul, in my church, it is the wrong thing to do. What she did was wrong.

Harley: So, you're saying when you were pregnant with Gus' child, when you were a child yourself, you didn't consider this?

Natalia: The point is, I didn’t.

Buzz: Natalia, listen, I respect your faith, but this... this kind of talk is not helpful.

Natalia: Helpful? I'm not really so concerned with being helpful right now because that child was my son's, too. And what she did...

Harley: Don't finish that sentence.

Harley: No. It takes two. Your son is not an innocent victim in this.

Natalia: At least I held on to him and raised him. Maybe if you hadn't given Daisy away at birth, she would've had some kind of idea what a family is.

Harley: And you know exactly what a family is, because you saw mine and you did your damnedest to take it.

Harley: She is a child. And if she couldn't tell me something, then you should tell me.

Reva: I'm sorry, can we back up? Do you want me to stay out of your daughter's life, or do you want me to get more involved? Because you can't have it both ways!

Harley: Out! I want you out! Is that clear? Out!

Reva: Oh, really! Well, that's not going to happen because she's my granddaughter, and I'm going to be in her life whether you like it or not.

Harley: That's because you're the cool granny, because you're the one who's so understanding, and you make everything so fun, Reva.

Reva: Do you think this is fun for her? Or for me, or for anybody else?

Harley: I think you live for this. I think you are so hungry for somebody to love you, Reva, that you would take my daughter away from me!

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