GL Best Lines Tuesday 10/16/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 10/16/07


Provided By Tanya

Beth: No, no, it’s... you know, um, I just want to let you know that, um, you might be approached by a reporter. He's been nosing around.

Lizzie: About?

Beth: Uh, something to do with me walking away from Alan and the Spaulding lifestyle for a simpler life.

Lizzie: What? Doesn't he buy that you just walked away?

Beth: I guess there's not a...

Lizzie: I mean I don't, some days.

Rick: What was that about?

Beth: Uh... I guess I have to prove myself to everybody these days.

Lizzie: I called some agents and casting directors. And then one day, Hilda, the maid over at Spaulding, pointed out to me that Roxy had peed on my granddad's priceless rug, again. (Laughter)

Billy: Good for her.

Lizzie: No, you know, it... she's beautiful. She's just not that well trained. You know, she barks, she begs, she eats anything she can grab, you know? And I... I didn't see it. I just kept making excuses.

Billy: Well, I'll tell you, Bill is not peeing on anybody's rug.

Lizzie: My mother made a lot of excuses for me and I was just a meltdown waiting to happen.

Billy: Yeah, I remember.

Lizzie: If Bill's going through something, don't just blow it off. He might really need you.

Billy: Okay.

Dinah: You stay out of this! Don't let her do this to me. Don't let her do this to me. I know that you don't want to see me locked up somewhere. I know you don’t.

Mallet: Dinah, I want you to get better. Just get better. Just get better.

Dinah: I'm not going to get better there!

Mallet: It's not happening here.

Dinah: I am not going to go.

Dr. Grayson: We've helped a great many patients exactly like you.

Dinah: Get your hands off me.

Mallet: Okay baby, listen. If I thought it would work, if I thought you'd be safe, I would take you home in a second. You know that.

Dinah: I am never coming back to you, ever. Especially not after this, after you've betrayed me and sided with her. I hate you. And I hate you! I hate you both. You say that you care about me, you're trying to take care of me but you've abandoned me and you're lying to me. You're lying!

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