GL Best Lines Friday 9/28/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 9/28/07


Provided By Tanya

Cyrus: We'll get to him first, but we need to sneak up on him and get his own people to give him up.

Frank: And exactly how are we going to manage that?

Cyrus: It's going to take a million bucks. You get me the money, I'll get Marina.

Frank: (Laughs)

Vanessa: It's just not like Bill to just disappear.

Dinah: No, it is him to do that... he does that sometimes.

Vanessa: You mean he's impulsive?

Dinah: Yeah, exactly.

Olivia: Maybe once he knows that Emma and I are coming.

Vanessa: Actually, that might be the reason why he's trying to avoid us.

Natalia: Yeah. He's not himself. He's worried about Alex. He feels powerless because he can't help her.

Gus: So you let him kiss you? That makes sense. I wonder how Remy would react to this.

Natalia: You're on Remy's side now?

Gus: Personally, I wouldn't care if they put each other in the hospital.

Natalia: Why, so I could be all alone?

Gus: Maybe I'm being a jerk. I just hate to see you throw yourself away on the wrong guy.

Natalia: And the wrong guy is anyone but you? You really are a jerk.

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