GL Best Lines Tuesday 9/11/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 9/11/07


Provided By Tanya

Harley: We have a million reasons to feel good about ourselves, you guys.

Marina: We do?

Harley: Yes. And the most important one is we do the right thing. Cooper’s do the right thing. Even when it is hard. We will do the right thing. Take your father, for example, breaking up with Olivia, hard, but right.

Frank: And take your Aunt Harley, walking away from Gus. She knows what it takes.

Harley: And you walked away from Cyrus. The man is oozing with charm, but he's not right for you.

Marina: Right. We have morals, we have principles, and we are all alone.

Gus: I can't call Alan. Nobody even knows where he is.

Harley: You're his son. That has to count for something. I'm sorry, I hate to ask. You're a Spaulding. Throw your weight around.

Natalia: You hate to ask.

Harley: What's that supposed to mean?

Natalia: You never wanted him to be a Spaulding before, but now because it's convenient because it's something you want.

Daisy: Don't you dare downplay what you did. It was amazing.

Rafe: Who cares?

Daisy: I care. All of the girls in school, all they talk about is boys, what they look like, what kind of car they drive. I'll tell you what matters, someone you can count on, believe in, and someone who, when you need them, they're there. And they're not going to quit on you when it gets hard.

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