GL Best Lines Thursday 9/6/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 9/6/07


Provided By Tanya

Alexandra: Well, let's be honest. I'm talking about the fact that you and I share the same man.

Marina: Alexandra, we don't share anything. You have a husband, and I have nothing.

Alexandra: See, I can understand his attraction to you. You're smart, you're charming, you're beautiful. Not so different from me.

Marina: If you say so.

Dinah: Yeah! What's the big deal? Oh, I know. Marina! You want to protect her.

Mallet: Yeah! I want to protect Marina. She's my partner. And I'm also trying to protect you. Forget it. I'm going to go back to her, Alexandra, and I'm going to tell her the deal's off, and she can have her money!

Dinah: That's my money! That I earned! Okay? And if you think I'm helpless, then the hell with you. In fact, you can tell your partner, Marina, if she wants to be protected, she should stop messing around with a married man!

Jeffrey: What about the flight plan, hmm? For the company jet?

Alexandra: Well, I'm sure they have to have one in our private hangar, but you have to get a court order to see it.

Jeffrey: I can do better than that, see? I have a Spaulding. Let's go.

Alexandra: Now, listen here. I can't even walk without crutches.

Jeffrey: Oh, well, I'll just have to pick you up and throw you over my shoulder and carry you out of here.

Alexandra: Oh, really.

Cyrus: That's no way to treat a lady, mate.

Jeffrey: Well, this isn't a lady; this is a Spaulding.

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