GL Best Lines Friday 8/31/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 8/31/07


Provided By Tanya

Daisy: Oh, wait, wait. Rafe, I'm sorry about what I said.

Natalia: What did you say?

Daisy: Just that if you were going to make him move to Chicago, that he should stay here without you.

Rafe: I'm out of here.

Daisy: Wait, wait, wait. But I realized how wrong it was for me to say that. I mean, you need to be with him. You're his mother, just like Harley’s mine, and I never should have tried to come between you guys. I really am sorry for that.

Natalia: Rafe, are you going to accept her apology?

Daisy: You're not going to freak out and throw me out of the house?

Natalia: We'll see.

Alan: You, you know the Cooper’s, don't you?

Ava: I guess so.

Alan: You understand the workings of their minds. So if I were to ask you some advice about how to dislodge Harley Cooper from...

Ava: I'd say that you need to give me a raise.

Olivia: All right. All right. When you went off with her, it felt like you were hurting me all over again. Telling me that you just didn't really care how I suffered. You just seemed like you didn't care.

Jeffrey: There was nothing more I could do.

Olivia: I know. And I realized that, you know, hurting you or forgiving you or loving you, none of that would make any difference because you were that thing that happened so long ago. And the bottom line, Jeffrey, is that you're just a flawed, selfish man who is as screwed up as the rest of us.

Jeffrey: Yeah, I am.

Olivia: But we'll always have Ava. But from now on, I heal myself. I forgive you because I have to.

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