GL Best Lines Monday 8/27/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 8/27/07


Provided By Tanya

Alan: It's great to be with your granddad again, isn't it? I bet you don't remember when you and your mommy used to live with us. Yeah, we had a lot of fun. Bet you don't remember your dad either. Your dad was a... Philip was a good man. But, you know, things are looking up. Your mom says you can visit me more often, the house is filling up with all kind of new faces, lots of Spaulding’s. Why, you even have a new cousin there. His name is Rafe. And your Uncle Gus is there. Boy, the house is just filled with Spaulding’s. (Laughs) You just eat your ice cream and I'll be right back, okay? Do I need to call the police?

Reva: I don't know. What crime have you committed?

Cassie: Someone put a sedative in her drink, and because of it her marriage may be over.

Reva: I don't think Dylan would do something like that. But I might.

Alan: I'm not cruel. I'm courageous. Because you have slowly been killing my son for years. I did nothing but save him from you.

Gus: So you admit it? You drugged her.

Alan: The ball was about to roll down the hill, and all I did was give it a nudge. You know, I don't regret one moment of what I did.

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