GL Best Lines Tuesday 8/21/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 8/21/07


Provided By Tanya

Lizzie: I saw you with Susan-- Daisy. And I'm guessing you need a little extra money to take her out.

Rafe: I guess so. But why? What would I have to do?

Lizzie: Hmm. Okay, you are a little Spaulding-Y. I am looking for someone to keep tabs on my granddad.

Rafe: On Alan?

Lizzie if you're going to be a Spaulding, at least do it right.

Gus: Just not going along with him, you know, constantly trying to antagonize me when it comes to Harley. I just want to thank you for not joining in with him.

Natalia: I think that you misunderstood. I'm not going to join in with Alan, but it doesn't mean that I don't agree with him. It's just that if I'm going to get you back, I'm going to do it on my own.

Billy: Hey, Alan, I was just telling Tom that maybe you and I could pitch him at the same time, and that way it would save him a little shoe leather.

Alan: Well...

Tom: I hope you don't mind, Alan, but it would be so much easier for me this way.

Lizzie: We could just sit down right here.

Alan: You're going to be a part of this, Elizabeth?

Billy: Oh, yeah. I wouldn't have it any other way. She's invaluable.

Lizzie: Well, I try.

Tom: Shall we start?

Alan: Well, Tom, listen, I don't want to bore you with the normal stuff. You've heard all that before. But I do want to ask Billy Lewis a question. Billy, when you do projects for the private sector, tell me, what is your normal percentage that you pay as rebate to your clients?

Billy: Well, I'll look that up for you right now.

Alan: And while you're looking that up, Billy, why don't you let me ask you another question?

Lizzie: I have a question for Mr. Spaulding. How many hostile takeovers did you personally initiate against firms that hired your company? It's this neat little trick. Spaulding gets access to the books and uses that information to make a grab for the client's company, and then fires the C.E.O. Oh, you don't have to bother answering. The answer is four in the last year alone.

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