GL Best Lines Wednesday 8/8/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 8/8/07


Provided By Tanya

Josh: I need someone to get me to the church on time. I want you to be my best man, Billy. I mean, I can't think of anybody else I'd rather have by my side when I marry Cassie.

Billy: You got me running the Lewis, I don't know if I could keep track of your rings. I've never been a best man that's very good anyway.

Josh: Well, I just thought... actually, no, I didn't think. I didn't have to think, because you're my brother. And you're the one that I want to be with me up there, and I just was hoping that you would want to be there with me, too.

Reva: We were "no strings attached." We were, and it was easy. And I know Josh dumped me to have an easier relationship, and even though it's not the same thing, I can see the attraction there.

Billy: Well, it's never easy, especially if it looks easy. You just have to say you want out. I mean, that's what you did with me when you wanted to check out and have some space to see what life after Josh was like.

Reva: Ouch. ( Laughs ) I'm going to end it. There's just something about him. He's hard to walk away from.

Billy: Well, maybe you should run.

Reva: ( Laughs ) yeah. Yeah, we both know how good running away from our problems always turns out, huh?

Billy: And I am... "on the wagon."

Lizzie: I don't care.

Billy: Good.

Lizzie: Actually, I do care. I care... I care about myself and I care about my brand-new bar, and I would like you to not pass out in it.

Billy: Sweetie, I'm not drunk...

Lizzie: Or start a bar fight. And if you have to puke, maybe you could do it in the toilet, because seriously, Billy, seriously, I have enough problems. And buying this bar, it's been a highlight to a very bad day. And drinking in it might be the highlight to yours, and that's fine, I don't care. Just don't screw this up for me, okay?

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