GL Best Lines Friday 8/3/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 8/3/07


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Wait a minute. You're letting him go and visit Daisy, Harley’s daughter?

Natalia: Rafe and Daisy are friends. He promised me. I have to trust my son.

Alan: Yes, but can you trust Daisy? Don't forget, she's a Cooper. They do whatever they want and they blame it on us.

Natalia: Daisy's father is in the hospital, and Rafe is trying to be a good friend to her. That's how I raised him.

Alan: Yes, but that's not the way Harley raised Daisy, which is why--

Natalia: You know, I don't want to talk about Harley and Gus anymore. Please, I don't want to be involved.

Alan: Oh, Natalia, you're very involved. Don't you understand? You're the other woman.

Dylan: Nothing. I was shocked, I was surprised. He was just standing there, and the next thing I know, he was gone. And then you were lying there in your t-shirt, so I can only assume that--

Harley: He assumed that we had slept together.

Dylan: Yeah.

Harley: He thinks we slept together, Dylan!

Dylan: Yeah, I'm sorry.

Harley: Why didn't you tell me this before? Because then I could explain things to him. Do you know what this would do to him?

Dylan: I just... I didn't mean it to happen that way. I mean, I would have said something to him, but he was gone, and then I was going to tell you, and I was bringing you home to Gus, by the way, that's what I was doing, and then we got into an accident, and then... I'm sorry.

Harley: This explains everything. This is why he was so strange when he came to the hospital. This is why... why he didn't even say good-bye to me when he left. This is why he didn't answer any of my calls. He thinks I cheated on him. Dylan, I've got to go.

Olivia: Your secret is safe. I'm not going to say anything about Jonathan or Sarah being alive.

Reva: Well, that's because I gave you what you wanted. God forbid you would keep your mouth shut because it was the right thing to do.

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