GL Best Lines Wednesday 8/1/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 8/1/07


Provided By Tanya

Reva: Josh is holding someone else's hand.

Jonathan: He's still with Cassie?

Reva: Yeah. She's going to be Mrs. Josh Lewis in a few months.

Jonathan: Oh!

Reva: I'm okay were with it.

Jonathan: Liar.

Reva: I've got other stuff going on.

Jonathan: Stuff? The love of your life and your sister? I ought to smack them both upside the head, and I'd get away with it, too, because I'm dead.

Olivia: Jonathan said that he was going to choke me if I told anyone his secret.

Reva: He should have done it.

Olivia: Maybe, but he doesn't have his hands on my throat right now. In fact, it's more like I have my hands on yours. And how does that feel, Reva? How does that feel? Kind of like I felt when, for lack of a better word, you took Jeffrey away from me, or you tried to turn my daughter Ava against me. See, payback can be a beautiful thing.

Olivia: I know that if this was Ava or Emma, you would be first in line with your sleeve rolled up and your vein popped out there. I couldn't let you have the moral high ground, could I?

Reva: Thank God. There, for a minute, I thought you had a conscience.

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