GL Best Lines Wednesday 7/25/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 7/25/07


Provided By Tanya

Remy: I'm a man, Elizabeth Spaulding. You can't buy me, okay?

Lizzie: Okay, I wasn't trying to say that.

Remy: You know what? Find your own soda. I'm going to get my memory back. Maybe I'll remember what I ever saw in you.

Coop: Look, Mr. Spaulding. Alan, Dad. There's a baby on the way. Now, he or she is going to need all of us.

Beth: All of us.

Coop: Look, why don't we just take the elevator and go upstairs. We'll go to the offices and see if we can find out why we can't seem to remember anything.

Coop: "If it's our memories that makes us who we are, then what would be become if we suddenly lost the memory? Who would we be? Who are you without the warm comfort of past joy or the searing pain of loss and regret? Who is that slab of marble. If you could wipe the slate clean, would you do it? Would you start over? Would you erase all the hurt, all the mistakes? Would you clear it from your mind and clear it from your heart? I don't think so," he said. "You hold on to those memories, bad and good. You hold on for dear life because that's what they are: Life."

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