GL Best Lines Monday 7/2/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 7/2/07


Provided By Tanya

Ava: Don't you see what's going on here? You're giving her a false hope.

Coop: If she gets out, how is it a false hope?

Ava: This is not about freedom. This is about you. You are going to break her heart.

Coop: Um, look, Ava, thank you for trying to set up this meeting. I appreciate it. Just tell Alan that I am looking for him, okay?

Ashlee: And I can see that a lot of it started happening while you were in the coma after I shot you.

Alan: That's true.

Ashlee: So basically it’s... it's my fault that your life sucks. I mean, at least that's what you think. You must be really mad, like so mad for all of the trouble that I caused you. And now here I stand here before you and I have the nerve to ask you for... for pity, for... for forgiveness. You came here to laugh at me, didn't you? You wanted to make sure that I was suffering enough. Oh, wait, punish me some more. Throw me, throw me into the real slammer where all the really mean chicks are that want to hurt people. And then maybe, maybe I will finally, finally get what I deserve when it comes to what I did to you.

Alan: I came here to today to tell you that as of right now, you are a free woman.

Frank: What do you want, Foley?

Cyrus: Peace. I've got a job, Chief. I wash my own dishes, I drive the speed limit, I pay taxes, I brake for animals.

Frank: Good for you.

Cyrus: Okay. I don't expect any of that to matter to you, because the only real criteria here is: Would I ever hurt Marina? And the answer is no. That's all a dad can ask for, isn't it?

Frank: It's a start.

Daisy: I have been dying to tell you. Okay, vent boy isn't just vent boy. He has a name. It's Rafe, and he's Gus' son.

Ashlee: Rafe! What?

Daisy: And he lives with me in my mom's house now. It almost makes juvie worth it. It's just like fate or something.

Ashlee: I wonder if this fate thing is contagious.

Alan: I saw you with the boy earlier. Parenting is the toughest job in the world, isn't it? Don't you worry, you'll get the hang of it.

Harley: Well, if only my children could hate me someday as much as yours hate you.

Gus: So, wait a second. You're going on a date with Remy?

Natalia: Yes, yes, with Remy.

Gus: Don't you think he's a little young? A little unemployed? A little slow?

Natalia: A little none of your business?

Rafe: Ma, I'm with the dad on this one.

Natalia: You! You go in my room and go get me my purse. Since when do you have any right to say anything about who I go out with?

Gus: Well, since your judgment kind of says it's okay to go out with a guy like Remy.

Natalia: Oh, right. You know what? I don't care what you think because you're not my boyfriend anymore, Nick. You're not anything.

Gus: Yeah. I'm Rafe’s father.

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