GL Best Lines Tuesday 6/26/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 6/26/07


Provided By Tanya

Beth: Yes, it does. Oh, I love life. Doris, look what Alan just gave me.

Doris: Wow, it's amazing what they can do with cubic zirconium these days.

Beth: I wouldn't know. You tell me.

Doris: What did you do to earn that?

Beth: A lot less than you had to do to earn yours.

Coop: Doris made up the charges against Reva Shayne so that you would back her campaign for mayor.

Alan: You going to blackmail me?

Coop: I wouldn't have a way to prove it now, wouldn't I?

Alan: Not a chance. Good-bye, Henry.

Coop: She used her favor to get money, Alan.

Alan: Is that what you think?

Coop: Ashlee is stuck in that place, where anything could possibly happen to her, and Doris calls in her favor just to get a paycheck from you? Don't you walk away from me, Alan. Don't you even dare walk away from me. You're just as rotten as she is. You deserve that bullet that Ashlee put inside you, and you know you do.

Ashlee: Wait, he owed you?

Doris: Yes.

Ashlee: And you asked for money and not to get me out of here?

Doris: Yeah, well, he never would have agreed to that.

Ashlee: And why not?

Doris: Well, because it's inappropriate. He was the victim.

Ashlee: No, no, but who better to talk to a judge about leniency?

Doris: Oh, sweetheart, Ashlee, don't be so naive. You're not looking at the big picture here, okay? Now, in time, I will move into the mayor's office, and I will be in a much better position to help you, okay? In the meantime, I brought you some flowers to brighten up your cell.

Ashlee: We call them rooms.

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