GL Best Lines Monday 6/25/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 6/25/07


Provided By Tanya

Rafe: You adopted her?

Harley: No, no, no. I gave her up for adoption when she was a baby.

Rafe: Why?

Harley: Because I was so very young.

Rafe: So was my mother, but at least she waited.

Harley: Waited for what?

Rafe: To push me on other people. I'm old enough now, I can deal. I'm not some baby.

Mallet: Maybe you can't stand it because you've never had anybody in your life that made you want to be better than the scum you are! I hate that! I had that in the hospital and she's there right now fighting for her life!

Griggs: Because of you! You were the one who found me, all right? You wanted that hit. You needed that rush. You needed the power, Tony! And just because you found another way to fill that void, that doesn't change what you did. Think about what you're doing. Think about what you're doing. Killing me is not the answer.

Cyrus: You told the bastard off, you put the fear of God in him. You said what you came here to say, you can rot in hell for all I care but I do care about Dinah and this will not help her! This won't make her better. She's the one you should keep in your head when you feel like... when you feel like you're going to go back to that dark place. You got out, remember? She did, too. Don't go back. You're the law, Mallet. You can lock this guy up yourself and go be with your wife. Now just let go of the gun. That's it. Good man. Good man.

Marina: You let him go? After everything you said before? Cyrus, I trusted you! I cannot believe I was stupid enough to think....

Cyrus: Here we go.

Mara: I thought you meant it! I thought you actually cared about Dinah.

Cyrus: If you'd just shut it for two seconds. He's on a one-way flight to Amsterdam where the authorities are waiting for him. He's committed a slew of crimes in Europe.

Marina: You actually expect me to believe Griggs turned himself in?

Cyrus: He didn’t. He doesn't know.

Marina: You set him up? Why?

Cyrus: To prove I'm a better liar than you think I am.

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