GL Best Lines Wednesday 6/13/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 6/13/07


Provided By Tanya

Alan: My grandson is behind bars?

Gus: Yeah, I guess that leaves no question that he shares your DNA.

Harley: Alan. What in the world... I don't want to know. Put Gus on.

Alan: He stepped out. Can I take a message?

Harley: Alan Spaulding is going to take a message? How do I know you'll get it right?

Alan: It's from you, Harley-- it can't be that complicated.

Josh: Hey, you want Gus' son, your grandson, locked up because you, of all people, don't want a juvenile delinquent in your family? Is that what it is?

Gus: I would think he'd be happy him starting off so soon. (Laughter)

Alan: We're not a family of criminals.

Josh: (Laughing) Oh, right, yeah. Okay.

Alan: We were set up.

Josh: Oh, that's better. That's funny, Alan.

Alan: All right, let's have a show of hands-- how many of you have never been locked up before, huh? All right, so you guys who live in glass houses don't throw rocks, all right?

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