GL Best Lines Friday 5/25/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 5/25/07


Provided By Tanya

Reva: He tried to push me away, but he needed me. And he was giving up, and that scared me. And it just-- I mean, I'm sure Josh explained it to you.

Cassie: No, actually, Reva, no. He forgot to mention that he cheated on me with my sister.

Cassie: No, you sent him to me. You keep forgetting that.

Reva: I will never forget the time I spent with cancer.

Cassie: We held off, Reva. We pushed each other away as long as we could out of respect for you. But we fell in love. We built a life, a life without you in it, because we didn't think you were going to be here. Neither did you. Here you are, and you just want to take it all back. As if, as if it's all up to you. As if Josh and I have no free will of our own. As if we're only together because you told us to be.

Reva: I thought it was dying. And I was preparing you. I fought a long time alone to protect the two of you.

Cassie: Oh, please.

Reva: Do you think I wanted this to happen!?

Cassie: Yes, Reva, I do. I think you always get what you want. And even when you don't, you take it anyway.

Reva: He is not my man!

Alan: In prison. Now, you should get some bonus points for that.

Reva: You need to walk away right now.

Alan: No, no, no. It's just starting to get good. Everyone knows you would never give up Josh. But, tell me, was it an accident that you told Cassie that you slept with Josh? Or did you want to be the one to give the crushing blow?

Reva: I thought Josh...

Alan: Don't, don't ruin it for me. You have renewed my faith in human nature, and survival of the fittest, in taking no prisoners. Actually, you did take a prisoner, didn't you?

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