GL Best Lines Tuesday 5/22/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 5/22/07


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Dinah: I hope you know that Mallet and I can make your world a whole lot worse.

Cyrus: I'm facing decades in prison. How could it get any worse? Your life and Mallet's, on the other hand, you've got a long way to fall.

Dinah: Well, I see that threatening isn't working with you, so would you prefer that I beg?

Cyrus: Wouldn't hurt.

Dinah: You know, Mallet is my life. He is the first guy that I have fallen in love with in a long time. Do you remember how I was when you found me, how lost I was? Well, that's exactly how I was when Mallet met me and he still loved me. So, Cyrus, he's my hero and he's my last shot at happiness and I'd like you not to take that away from me.

Cyrus: Your hero's past is as ugly as yours and mine combined.

Dinah: I can't lose him. So, I am begging you, if you ever cared about me at all, you will not ruin him on the stand. If you want to ruin anybody, you ruin me.

Alexandra: Excuse me. Hello, Judge Forbes.

Judge: Can I help you, Ms. Spaulding?

Alexandra: You know, this case really shouldn't have started without Mr. Foley having counsel present.

Assistant D.A.: His public defender is sitting right there.

Alexandra: Well, he's upgraded. This is Jared Donovan, Esquire. I've retained him as Mr. Foley's counsel.

Assistant D.A.: I object, your Honor. If Mr. Foley wished to obtain new counsel, he should've done so by now.

Judge: This is highly unorthodox, Ms. Spaulding.

Alexandra: Please, your Honor, I do apologize for our tardiness, but isn't the defendant entitled to counsel of his own choosing

Chuck: Uh, yeah, I'll happily step down, Judge.

Judge: Very well. We'll break for a 30-minute recess to give Mr. Donovan time to confer with his client.

Cyrus: So, your Mr. Donovan, he's good?

Alexandra: Depends on your definition of the word. Ethics is not his strong suit.

Cyrus: How about winning cases.

Alexandra: Do you have another option?

Cyrus: Why are you doing this?

Alexandra: I hate losing a good driver. It makes me cranky.

Dylan: So? So, she was a kid. Imagine that, okay? Just for a second, imagine having a baby right now. Could you do it? Could you make sure she had everything she needs? Make sure she was loved? Hmm?

Daisy: I don't know.

Dylan: All right, well, think about it. What would you do? Really? Hmm?

Daisy: I don't know. This has nothing to do with anything.

Dylan: Come here. Your mother wanted you to have a better life than she could give you.

Daisy: I've heard this before.

Dylan: Okay, all right, well tell me this: Did you hear this part? Hmm? Did you hear the part where she took you back?

Daisy: What?

Dylan: Every day, every single day that went by and she didn't have you, she thought about you more and more. How was her little girl? Was she happy? Was she loved?

Daisy: What are you saying?

Dylan: I'm saying that she wanted you back. We both did. Okay, you were a little girl, so I guess you don't remember this, but we held you in our arms and we were so close... so close to just taking off. Not looking back for nothing, taking you with us, but I guess we just fired we'd be caught and thrown in jail. And you'd just get back to the Lemay's and what would be the point? I guess the point is, it didn't stop us from thinking about it, okay? You understand that? It didn't stop us from wanting it. I'll never forget that. I'll never forget that day, the look on your face when we had to give her back.

Harley: It was hard. It was very hard. It was harder than the first time. But this time-- this time-- putting you in here, this was the hardest of all.

Daisy: Then why did you do it?

Dylan: Because I told her to.

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