GL Best Lines Wednesday 5/16/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 5/16/07


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Gus: And she's putting roots down in this town, and I... it's just going to be something I'm going to have to deal with now.

Josh: How does Harley feel about that?

Gus: She doesn't know. She doesn't know what we were. I mean, Natalia was my... my real love, my... my only true love. Except for Harley, of course. And I don't want Harley thinking that I'm hiding something from her, some feelings for Natalia, you know?

Josh: Yeah, especially if you're not.

Gus: I love her, my wife. And I just should have told her. I should have told her sooner.

Josh: Okay. All right. Here's the thing: You feel like you've dug yourself this big hole, a hole you can't possibly get yourself out of, right? But the truth is, there is no hole.

Gus: You know, even if I was getting sleep for the last couple of nights, I wouldn't know what you're talking about. What?

Josh: I know, the bells are making everybody crazy and all that. But the point is, you haven't done anything wrong, Gus. You should just tell Harley about it, and that way you can both deal with it together.

Harley: You know what it is? It's just a classic case of a cop's regret, you know? It just keeps eating at you that you didn't nail him.

Marina: I don't think it's that. Harley, what if... I feel like I have feelings for him.

Harley: ( Gasps ) Marina, no, no.

Marina: I mean, we were thrown together when I got hurt, close together, Harley. And come on, it's not like he's ugly or anything.

Harley: Don't romanticize this. This is Stockholm syndrome. You had an intense experience with your captor, and you sympathize with him, but you are a cop, and you are a good cop, okay? And you are a tired cop. And normally I would tell you to get some rest, but in lieu of all of this, I'll say just give it some time. Give it some time, and you'll forget all about him, okay?

Harley: Well, how do you feel now?

Gus: I feel stupid. I feel... I feel stupid, you know, that I didn't tell you, tell you about my first love. People talk about that stuff.

Harley: Well, you didn't think you were my first love, did you?

Gus: Oh, no, I know I'm not your first love. ( Laughter )

Harley: Well, I don't have anything to worry about with this Natalia, who is way too pretty to have been just a friend anyway.

Gus: No, no, no, no, you have nothing to worry about.

Harley: Because I know you love me. And nothing will change that. I mean, am I going to feel weird the next time I see this chick? Yeah. Is she getting invited over for dinner anytime soon? I don't think so.

Gus: ( Laughs )

Harley: No, no. I just know that I'm the only one that you'll love from now on, right?

Gus: See, I like that. I like that.

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