GL Best Lines Friday 5/11/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 5/11/07


Provided By Tanya

Lizzie: Hello! They are beyond adorable. And, personally, I think it's good that I have something positive to focus on. I have all of this energy. Why not devote it to the baby?

Beth: Because there are so many things you could be focusing on in your own life.

Lizzie: You know what I do every night now? I fall asleep going over in my head all the things I want to teach with her. I dream about pushing her in the stroller, I swear. And, ooh, and taking her to mommy and me.

Beth: Mommy and me?

Lizzie: Yeah, she's going to love it.

Beth: Honey, you're not the mommy. I am.

Olivia: I have been living with so much rage inside of me for so long, and no one to direct it toward. All I have is this alcohol- tinged memory of this teenager, this kid, really, who led me up to a bedroom and took off my clothes... and I thought for sure that I'd never see him again, and certainly if I did, he would have to be a full-grown monster.

Jeffrey: With horns and a pitchfork?

Olivia: Why not? He sent me to hell. And it would be so easy to wish the worst things on him and want to hurt him the way that he hurt me. And that's exactly what I tried to do to you when I found out that he was you.

Jeffrey: You still have your moments.

Olivia: Can you blame me? Why do you think I didn't want you anyway near Ava? You don't deserve it. But then I saw something in you, something that scared me.

Jeffrey: What?

Olivia: You were kind to her. You were kind. You weren't totally evil. If you had even that much good in you, it changed everything. I think I hate you more now for taking my anger away. And I've tried so hard to walk away from this. If I had any sense

Jeffrey: Okay. Let's skip the small talk. Go ahead. If you came here to hit me--

Buzz: ( Laughing ) No. I came here to ask you a favor.

Jeffrey: A favor?

Buzz: Yeah, I figured you owed me one.

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