GL Best Lines Wednesday 5/9/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 5/9/07


Provided By Tanya

Ava: Okay. Well, what I'm talking about is tomorrow, the wedding. You don't walk down the aisle with... with anything holding you back, you know, weighing on you.

Olivia: What things?

Ava: I don't know, pain? Frustration?

Olivia: Jeffrey?

Ava: Yes. Well, there is some unfinished business with Jeffrey. I know that it's been difficult for you-- I know that-- but if you can just come to peace somewhere...

Olivia: I'm peaceful! I'm a peace... I'm like the peace girl! Don't I seem peaceful? Where the hell are my shoes?

Buzz: Before we all sit down to dinner, I... I want to make a toast to my... my gorgeous and brilliant bride! ( Cheers and applause ) I actually... I actually wrote this out so I wouldn't leave anything out. Okay. Olivia...

Olivia: That's it? ( Laughter )

Buzz: You know, I don't need these notes. I wrote them when I was drunk anyway. You know, I... I... I thought I was retired from all this, you know? I thought I was going to spend the rest of my days in the restaurant cooking chili, pestering the kids, you know, maybe learn the game of golf. ( Laughs ) Right? Then, boom! You walked into my life! So why spend your days knocking a golf ball around when you can spend your days with a woman who will make grown men cry and young men want to get older and old men look for pharmaceuticals! ( Laughter ) I just... I... I thought I was just in lust with you. Don't look at me that way, I'll jump you. She's so beautiful. She's beautiful. I thought I was just in lust with you, but then I realized... no, you made me realize that lust is vastly underrated.

Olivia: Yes. ( Laughter )

Buzz: Lust to love to life together-- not a bad progression. And if you have all three-- and I do-- tomorrow I intend to say that. I do and I will. You are now and always my heart. You are. I love you. I love you and little Emma, big Ava. No, sorry, not big. Girls aren't big, they're tall. They're tall. ( Laughter ) I was in such a dark place for so long, and you brought light into my life. And for that, I'll always be grateful. ( Applause )

Belinda: Oh, he left you a note. Here you go.

Olivia: Thanks. "Forget what they say about bad luck. Last night was the start of the honeymoon that never ends. All my love, Buzz."

Belinda: He's so romantic.

Olivia: Isn't he? Every woman should have a Buzz.

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