GL Best Lines Tuesday 5/8/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 5/8/07


Provided By Tanya

Ava: Aren't lawyers supposed to be good liars?

Jeffrey: What am I lying about?

Ava: Olivia. What she does to you, how she makes you feel, how she gets under your skin.

Jeffrey: Yeah, like a nail infection?

Ava: You know what I mean.

Jeffrey: What do you want me to say?

Ava: I don't know, be honest.

Jeffrey: What, that I want to stay away from her, but I can't and... and I don't know why?

Alan-Michael: Did I tell you how Olivia and Jeffrey O’Neill kidnapped me? It's a great story. They threatened to kill me if I didn't leave Ava alone. They'd already poisoned her against me, so...

Alan: Why didn't you have them arrested?

Alan-Michael: Who'd believe me? So if I did want to ruin Olivia’s big day, to ruin her, period, I'd be more than justified. But to do that, I'd have to be just as hateful and vengeful as you are. And as you never fail to mention, I'm nothing like you, Dad, right? So...

Alan: Alan-Michael, this is your chance for a fresh start so that you won't go to the dark side and become like me. You can go forward with you life unburdened by the family and your past mistakes.

Alan-Michael: Can I?

Alan: Yes. I mean, I'll give you the house in San Cristobel. I'll write it down right now, son. You can start a new life there. You'll live like a prince. There are beautiful women there, son.

Alan-Michael: I don't want anything from you. I don't want anything you can give me. From now on, I take and I keep on taking. Now, get out. Let's go, chop-chop. Bye-bye.

Ava: I know. We're both past that now though, and I'm over Alan-Michael. It's over and hopefully I'll be back together with Coop soon and you and Olivia...

Jeffrey: Don't, don’t...

Ava: No, please, just talk to her, okay? Talk to her. I'll set up a time for you guys. You can get together. You can tell her how you feel and ask for forgiveness and just do it for us. Tell her that you want to be my father. Tell her that you want to be her friend. Please? Just... just set us free.

Jeffrey: It's not that easy.

Ava: Please, okay? I've never... have I ever asked you for anything?

Jeffrey: I guess, you know, every father and every daughter, they go through this, right? This is the part where the daughter asks the father for something and... you can't say no.

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