GL Best Lines Wednesday 5/2/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 5/2/07


Provided By Tanya

Josh: He wants to call me Dad.

Cassie: And it's more than just calling you that.

Josh: I know.

Cassie: He's been holding his breath, you know, hoping that you'd feel the same way.

Josh: I don't think I ever want to have to say no to him again.

Cassie: Well, I'd like to see how long that lasts because he has a million and one things that he wants you to do with him. Everything that includes every possible ball and two-wheeled object, and swimming and jumping and digging...

Josh: Okay. Digging, really?

Cassie: ...Running. Yeah, digging, because there needs to be an escape route from the fort that you'll be building with him, which is, of course, connected to the tree house that you'll be building with him.  

Josh: Reva, what's the matter?

Reva: The matter... is that we're not on the same page, Joshua. We're not even reading the same book. You love Cassie, and I love you. We can't be any farther apart than that.

Josh: Wait a minute. You mean you love me...

Reva: You know what I mean! When I was at the prison, that, you know, was the funny look you saw in my face. Because I wanted to tell you. Because I couldn't not tell you, not anymore.

Josh: Reva, I do love Cassie. You knew that...

Reva: Oh, God, please shut up!

Josh: No, I won't shut up. Reva, when did you start loving me again?

Reva: I never stopped loving you, okay? I never stopped. We made love. Joshua, we made love at the prison because you needed it. Well, guess what? I needed it, too. And that's why I'm telling you now. Not because I think you're going to drop Cassie and come back to me, back to the place where you've always belonged...

Josh: Reva, why are you doing this?

Reva: Because I don't do this kind of thing very well, okay, and I want you to know! I want you to know that what happened wasn't just your fear or it wasn't some crazy, spontaneous thing. It was us! It was us.  

Cassie: So you were trying to remind him of....

Reva: Yes, I wanted him to miss us. I wanted him to say he still loved me because I have never stopped loving him.

Cassie: Excuse me?

Reva: Yes. And if you only knew how I feel...

Cassie: I don't care how you feel! How dare you, Reva! Oh, I knew it, I knew it. I knew it from the beginning. Of course you still love him. Of course you still want him.

Reva: Well, you were right.

Cassie: So why didn't you tell me?

Reva: I'm telling you now: I have never stopped loving Josh. And when you were angry because I went to see him that last time, you were right to be. You were right to think that it was inappropriate for me to be with him, because it was.

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