GL Best Lines Monday 4/23/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 4/23/07


Provided By Tanya

Daisy: Gus? Gus? Maybe you can hear me, maybe you can’t. I just wanted to thank you for not ratting me out to Harley, although it doesn't come as a surprise because you are so amazing. But... and I'm glad I told you how I feel about you. I am. I'm relieved, too. But, I mean, now everything's out in the open. And you can really let it sink in that you and I are much better for each other than you and Harley could ever be.

Josh: But the thing is that now I'm... now I'm back in here again, and I know that for the next... I know that for the next 15 years I won't be able to do something as simple as shoot a game of pool with my brother or go visit Shayne in Bosnia, or maybe go with you to France to see Marah, you know? Wake up... wake up next to the person I love.

Reva: The person.

Josh: Reva, Cassie is my future. We both know that. The decision we made.

Reva: We?

Josh: Yes, we. We didn't want to end up here, but here we are. Cassie and R.J., they have to be my future. Knowing that she's out there and she's hurting, she's crying, you know, it tears my heart out, but also, at the same time, knowing that she's out there and she's loving me, it's what gets me through.

Reva: Except for tonight.

Josh: Thank you for saving me tonight. I know it was unfair. It was unfair to you and to Cassie. I needed it, probably more than I'm even willing to admit to myself. But it was wrong. It can't happen again. I can't let it happen again. I know... I know that you love me, and I love you, but...

Reva: But what?

Josh: I should have pushed you away harder.

Dylan: Okay, so when that motel room that you and my daughter were staying in caught fire and the smoke and the flames didn't wake you up, that was because, why? You're a heavy sleeper?

Gus: We had a very long drive. There was a lot of fog.

Dylan: Right, so then you took something. Admit it, you took something just to help you get a little shut-eye.

Gus: There was nothing... nothing in my system.

Dylan: You are the one playing daddy to Daisy, and you could have gotten her killed.

Gus: Are you worried or are you just jealous?

Dylan: What?

Gus: My relationship with Daisy.

Dylan: Okay, now I know that besides whatever drugs are inside you, some of that smoke that you inhaled definitely got to your brain.

Gus: I just think you're jealous because I'm the one who's there for her.

Dylan: She is my daughter not yours, and you shouldn't be near her.

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