GL Best Lines Monday 4/16/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 4/16/07


Provided By Tanya

Daisy: But maybe it's because you just haven't thought of me in that way. Maybe if you did...

Gus: It could never... it could never happen.

Daisy: But Harley doesn't get you the way I do.

Gus: No, you're... you're absolutely right, okay? We have a very... a very special bond, and we have ever since you came in into town and you moved back into the house and... and you're my daughter. You're my little girl. And, you know, that's it. That's all it can ever be.

Rick: So when you were in your coma, Alan, it actually brought out the best part of your personality. Here, watch the handle. It's hot, just like your ex- wife. So let me catch you up. Let's see, while you were sleeping, Scorsese won an Oscar, the housing market cooled, and Beth and I tore up the sheets. The Beacon. Sometimes two or three times a morning, right, Beth?

Alan: Are you finished?

Rick: Finished with you. You used me. If that wasn't bad enough, you led me to believe I actually had a life with you. Who the hell are you? You're not even a shell of the woman I used to know. Not even close.

Rick: Our friendship is over. It's over after what you did to me. But since you're here, Beth, I thought... well, I took the liberty of actually calling a lawyer friend of mine.

Beth: A paternity test?

Rick: Well, come on, you didn't think I was going to let Alan raise my child, did you?

Beth: Come on, Rick, we don't even know...

Rick: We will as soon as we get the amnio back. We'll find out. I'll see you soon.

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