GL Best Lines Friday 4/13/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 4/13/07


Provided By Tanya

Alan: My condolences, Doctor.

Rick: Who died?

Alan: Not me. Lucky for you. I seem to be the only patient you couldn't kill, not that you didn't try.

Rick: Welcome back, Alan, welcome back.

Alan: You're not even going to deny it?

Rick: Alan, if I wanted you dead, believe me, you would be dead.

Alan: I'll take care of Dr. Bauer's bill.

Rick: You're not taking care of anything that's mine.

Alan: You know something, Rick, I feel the same way. So why don't you stop trying to steal my wife.

Rick: Doris? I'd rather date you.

Alan: I understand that you and I had quite an adventure while I was comatose.

Reva: Well, it was something that had to be done. Be careful in the elevator, Alan. You never know what might happen.

Alan: Where you going, Reva?

Reva: Actually, I'm going to the state prison. I want to see Josh before the visiting hours are over. You know something? You're the one that should be wearing an orange jump suit.

Alan: That Josh is one lucky guy having ladies vying for his attention.

Reva: There must be some reason why you're still alive.

Alan: And I'll bet you're going to tell me.

Reva: Yes. I believe you have a mission to accomplish, and that mission is to clear Josh.

Alan: Try again.

Reva: He didn't shoot you, and you sure as hell better get him cleared out of that prison or you'll have me to answer to.

Alan: I'm terrified.

Reva: Well, you should be. Because I've got nothing to lose.

Daisy: No, Gus. Seriously, we have this amazing connection, we do. And I had no idea that this was going to happen, but I feel it. I feel it here and here, and here and here. I'm in love with you, Gus, and no one and nothing's going to change it.

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