GL Best Lines Monday 4/2/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 4/2/07


Provided By Tanya

Doris: Okay, the truth. What do you really have against Alan-Michael?

Ava: He's a scum. He betrayed me, and I want revenge.

Doris: How far are you willing to go? Alrighty, then. Consider me your avenue to success.

Ava: You're leaving?

Doris: Work. I'll be in touch.

Ava: You won't be sorry.

Doris: If I am, you'll be sorrier.

Alan-Michael: Scum?

Ava: What do you care? She bought it.

Cassie: That is not fair, Reva. You know I would trade places with him if I could.

Reva: Then do it!

Cassie: You want to talk about blame, Reva? How about looking at yourself? Josh got the maximum, 15 years to life, why? Because the judge was treating it like a murder case. Because Alan’s condition took a turn for the worse. How did that happen, Reva? Oh, I know that somebody put him in a wheelchair and took him for a fieldtrip. The man was half dead and you tore out his IV.

Cyrus: I'm out of the robbery business.

Marina: Oh, yeah, right. Too. I'm out of the cop business, too.

Cyrus: I'm serious. There comes a time in every jewel thief's life where he has to step aside and let others do the dirty work.

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