GL Best Lines Friday 3/30/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 3/30/07


Provided By Tanya

Cassie: You know what? The doctor assigned to this case is a walking, talking, conflict of interest. You're the Deputy Administrator, are you not? Surely, you can override Rick Bauer.

Haynes: It's not that simple.

Cassie: Yes, it is that simple. Alan Spaulding is the only one who can tell the whole world who shot Alan Spaulding. And all you have to do is sign off on it. And not just because it's the right thing to do, but because I will take you and the entire hospital down if you don't.

Billy: Look, I could go on about how he used the company to help a lot of people. I mean, but he doesn't just run a company. He runs a family. I'm the older brother, I'm the one that should be running it, but, no, Josh is the one who takes care of everybody. He saw me get sober. Matter of fact, I'm probably alive because of him. Now, I know he's been convicted, and if you ask me, that's the real crime.

A.D.A.: No one asked, your Honor.

Billy: Look, I know that he has to go to jail. You can't do anything about that. But you can choose how long he has to go. Springfield... when you think of Springfield, the first thing you think of is that big lighthouse and it's shining down. It lights the way for people. That's the way Josh is. Josh is that way for our family. He's a beacon of decency. And in this town, we need a lot more of that right now. He's a good man. I mean, that's it. He is a good man.

Coop: Hey, look, I understand. Women can be... well, rather, girls can be rather harsh to each other, you know?

Ashlee: Men can be just as bad. I mean, guys like you... I mean, not like you you, but, you know, like normal guys, hot guys.

Coop: Yeah, yeah, I'm smokin', right?

Ashlee: Well, you know what I mean. The quarterbacks and the prom kings of the world.

Coop: They said stuff to you, too?

Ashlee: No, actually nothing at all.

Coop: Okay, so how is that bad if they don't say anything? You know, I've been rejected myself and I know how that...

Ashlee: Yes, you've been rejected. That means that someone recognizes that you exist. It hurts ten times worse when someone just looks right through you like you don't even deserve a rejection.

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