GL Best Lines Thursday 3/29/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 3/29/07


Provided By Tanya

Beth: So, Rick, is it true? I mean, are you and Mel going to go through with it?

Rick: I signed the divorce papers, Beth.

Beth: I see.

Rick: You're smiling.

Beth: I just... you know... you know how I feel. You're an excellent diagnostician.

Josh: I'm trying... I'm trying to...

Cassie: Protect me?

Josh: Yes.

Cassie: Keep me from pain and anguish and suffering?

Josh: Yes.

Cassie: Well, it's too late for that, Josh. I'm already suffering. And you giving me the boot isn't going to make that go away. But I'll tell you something. I can handle it. I handled losing Hart, I handled losing Richard. I even handled losing Tammy. And I sure as hell am going to handle this situation.

Josh: Cassie...

Cassie: And I know you're trying to protect me. I know that's what you do and that's who you are. And it's a big part of why I love you in case you didn't know.

Billy: Wait, Josh, no. Listen. This is a done deal. All you have to do is say the word and you are out of here.

Josh: You've bailed me out a dozen times, Billy.

Billy: That's what big brothers do. And I haven't been doing it too well.

Josh: But you tried. And you're still trying.

Billy: You're the one who's bailed me out. I mean, you bailed me out with Bill. You bailed me without Sheila. You bailed me out with drinking. I'm here to bail you out this time when it really counts.

Josh: Well, yeah, that's true. It does really count this time. It's been happening so fast. I mean, you know, one minute I'm signing a confession to get Cassie off the hook, and the next minute it's like there's a trial and convicted, the whole thing.

Billy: Convicted of something you didn't do. Don't forget that part.

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