GL Best Lines Tuesday 3/13/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 3/13/07


Provided By Tanya

Rick: No change with your grandpa, Liz.

Lizzie: Well, I didn't really think there would be.

Rick: But you're still coming to see him anyway.

Lizzie: I come for the quiet. Doris, Ashlee, Ava... now living in the house.

Rick: Enough said.

Cassie: I know you, and we both know what you are capable of.

Jeffrey: Yes.

Cassie: I want you to start fighting dirty. You owe me that.

Alan-Michael: Lady, I don't care who you're married to. You're not going anywhere near Spaulding Enterprises.

Doris: It's no crime, Alan- Michael, to admit that you are in over your head. I mean, it's obvious that you're distracted by your father's condition and your injury, not to mention that leggy waitress that you're grooming for the executive suite.

Alan-Michael: Mom, you don't want to talk about Ava.

Doris: Oh, I know. She's sweet and kind and decent.

Alan-Michael: Yes, but that's not why she's here. She's here because Spaulding needs her. Smart and ambitious people who fight hard but fair are in short supply, Doris. Ava is a hell of a lot smarter than you know, and tougher than you want to find out. People like Ava should be the lifeblood of Spaulding. She's breathed new life into this company, the family, and me. So be smart, Doris. Stay away from the company, stay away from me, and stay away from Ava.

Doris: Nothing can be proven, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Well, it doesn't really have to be. You know, the greatest thing about losing everything like I did last year is that you have nothing left to lose. But you, you're on the top of the mountain right now, aren't you? And it's not going to take much to push you off. Now, about that deal

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