GL Best Lines Thursday 3/8/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 3/8/07


Provided By Tanya

Harley: I'd like to see this as a chance for a new beginning.

Daisy: Great, great. All right. So every new beginning has to start somewhere. How about I never want to see you again?

Beth: You should be. See, Ava’s a nice girl. I used to be one of those. But you and I learned from Alan. We speak the same language. We're survivors. Come on, we should be allies.

Alan-Michael: And if Alan survives? You going to juggle us both?

Beth: I have two hands.

Doris: You know what? I'm also doing a public service. No woman should go into marriage blind.

Billy: You certainly didn’t. Your eyes are open and full of dollar signs.

Beth: I know you want Ava. Personally, I want the guys who build hot rods on cable television. The more tattoos, the better. But that is a fantasy I'll never have and that makes it safe.

Alan-Michael: So you fantasize about guys with tattoos? Well, Ava’s not a fantasy.

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