GL Best Lines Friday 3/2/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 3/2/07


Provided By Tanya

Gus: Hey, look, you're not going to be alone, okay? Because I'll go with you. I wouldn't go inside because that wouldn't be cool. That would be very uncool. No, we'll go to Towers, the lobby, we'll just hang out there until we see a bunch of kids walk in and they'll go into the elevator and at the last minute I'll push you in, you'll take the ride up with them and then and when the door opens it will like you're part of their posse.

Daisy: Posse?

Gus: Their peeps, their crew. And I'll try to pick a group of kids that look like they're really angry and they've got a lot of attitude and this why you'll feel like you fit right in. Okay. Come on, peace, love, 2007 because that's the way we roll. Let's hit it.

Reva: Well, then, you have my blessing. Not that you needed it.

Josh: ( Laughs ) No, I think in a way I did. Thank you. I'm going to get going. She's making dinner and all that so...

Reva: Lovely. Tell her that I send my love and I'm happy for her and congratulations and that I'll call her because we're going to have to talk about a bridal shower.

Josh: I'll tell her. Thank you. I'll see you back at the ranch.

Billy: With bells on.

Josh: Alright, bye.

Billy: Whoo hoo, that was a load of horse plucky you told him. It was quite a performance, actually. Okay, young lady, why don't you tell me how you really feel about him marrying Cassie now?

Dylan: Yeah, well, anyway, um, there's a bright spot to all this. I'm going to have plenty of time to visit Springfield more and help you keep our wild and crazy daughter in line.

Harley: Yeah, I suggest you bring a helmet.

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