GL Best Lines Thursday 3/1/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 3/1/07


Provided By Tanya

Frank: No, you said that you didn't want to get involved in the Spaulding case, because it involves your family. And normally I would respect that, but the Spaulding’s aren't normal and no one knows that better than you.

Gus: Well, you know it, Frank.

Frank: No, not like you, my friend. Come on, your father's the victim and your niece is a suspect...

Gus: Yeah, and you're my brother-in-law, and just because everybody in this town is related doesn't mean we have to act like family.

Gus: All right. We know that the gun came from the Spaulding house, okay? Everybody knows that Beth and Lizzie have a motive. Now, everybody on the police force would understand if one of them, either one of them, took Alan Michael’s gun.

Lillian: But they didn’t.

Gus: Well, I'd like to believe that as well.

Lillian: I don't just believe it, I know it.

Gus: You don't know it.

Lillian: Yes, I do know it. I was the one that brought the gun to the wedding.

Josh: Because Cassie, I... I love you. And I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy. And I want to be more to R.J. than just the guy that picks him up from soccer practice or builds a volcano for him. I want to give you everything, all of it. The whole... the whole pizza, okay? Love and happiness and family and home and pepperoni and sausage and tomatoes and mushrooms.

R.J.: Are you and mom getting married? ( Laughter )

Josh: You're a smart kid. Well, we're kind of talking about it just a little bit, but my thinking is this, that I know that you've helped your mom through a lot of tough times, and so I wouldn't dream of anything like that unless we had your blessing.

R.J.: Will I still call you Uncle Josh?

Josh: Actually, you can call me anything you want. I know your dad was a really good man, so I...

R.J.: He's gone now, like everyone else.

Josh: Well, I'm here. Your mom's here. We promise we'll always be here for you, okay?

R.J.: Well, let's see the ring.

Josh: Um...

R.J.: Even I know you need a ring.

Cassie: ( Laughs )

Josh: What are you laughing at?

R.J.: It's my secret decoder ring. I had to send in six cereal box tops for it.

Josh: R.J., I can't take your ring, pal.

R.J.: You still have to get her a real one with a big diamond and stuff.

Josh: Okay, all right. I'll do that. Lots of stuff, heavy on the stuff.

R.J.: Then you can marry her, if she wants to marry you.

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