GL Best Lines Monday 2/26/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 2/26/07


Provided By Tanya

Buzz: I want our wedding to be the bomb.

Olivia: The bomb?

Buzz: The bomb. That's what Zach says. What? The bomb. I said it correctly, the bomb.

Olivia: I mean, it sounds... yeah. It's just that I don't like to connect, you know, our wedding with anything that blows up.

Jeffrey: I called her my daughter.

Olivia: In what context?

Jeffrey: Well, does it really matter? I mean, it means pretty much the same thing in any context, doesn't it?

Olivia: Okay. Well, what, did she kiss you on the cheek and call you daddy?

Jeffrey: This is serious.

Olivia: Then why don't I care?

Jeffrey: And I can't take it back either, you know, because it's already out there. It's like a confession to a crime or something.

Olivia: Interesting analogy.

Dinah: No, not really. You know, for the record, I really don't appreciate you using our friendship to get information out of me.

Remy: You for real?

Dinah: No. I just thought that sounded really good. No. I've got nothing. I don't have information. And if I did, I would gladly share.

Remy: What about the gun? You must have heard something.

Dinah: No. You know, I thought that you washed your hands of this whole mess. Or are you trying to still get the blood off?

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