GL Best Lines Friday 2/23/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 2/23/07


Provided By Tanya

Lizzie: Look at them. Take a good, long look. That was my family. That was the family that I could've had if you hadn't taken them away from me. I was so close to being happy. I have made so many mistakes. Maybe I'm getting what I deserve. I know that you are.

Josh: I was with Cassie, all right, and she was grieving. Your dad showed up with Doris on his arm. He sent over a bottle of champagne. Now, come on, we all know that he's responsible for Tammy’s death. Tammy is Cassie’s daughter.

Alan-Michael: But you decided to exact a little justice, the good-old-boy Lewis way. How far would you take that kind of justice, Josh? How far would Cassie? Or Reva or Billy, for that matter? Far enough to shoot my father?

Josh: Alan-Michael, if you're looking for a family that has it in for your father, you might want to look to your own. See you around.

Marina: So, do you want to do this?

Mallet: No, you. You... you do the sympathetic girlfriend thing and I'll be the bad cop.

Marina: Why do you always get to be the bad cop?

Mallet: Because then I'd have to be the girlfriend and I'm a guy.

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