GL Best Lines Thursday 2/22/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 2/22/07


Provided By Tanya

Harley: Honey, listen to me. I need you to be a father. She doesn't just need a mother, she needs a mother and a father.

Gus: Right, of course.

Harley: Okay, because there's more of them now than there are of us.

Frank: No, it doesn't look good, actually. You know, as much as the Spaulding’s seem to hate each other, I wonder what would happen if Alan was out of the picture?

Mallet: Ever watch one of those animal shows, you know, where all of the rodents end up feeding on each other?

Beth: It happened after Sarah’s memorial service. Alan said he wanted to fix things. He wanted for us to stay together. It was all very unexpected.

Doris: Just like his proposal to me the same day.

Beth: We connected in a way we didn't in a very long time. Our grief brought us together. We took comfort in one another. I wasn't sure I was pregnant until this morning.

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