GL Best Lines Thursday 2/8/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 2/8/07


Provided By Tanya

Jeffrey: Congratulations. It's too bad that your little plan to get Ava alone was derailed by the tragedy of Tammy Winslow’s death. Which makes me even more sure about this. You know Tammy was a beautiful, tender soul, a young woman who made some poor choices, and ended up paying for it. That's not going to happen with Ava.

Alan-Michael: I don't lie to Ava. She knows how I feel about her. You hide behind this attorney- client crap, trying to get close enough to start being a real father. Do you think you can make up for a lifetime by pushing me away, scaring me off? It's not going to happen. If you ask me, you're worse for Ava than I'll ever be.

Josh: Listen, I will get him, and I'll use any and all influence I have, no matter what it takes, no matter what it costs. I will get Alan Spaulding. Look at me, Cassie. I promise.

Cassie: I'm no better than he is, you know. I want to see his picture in the obituaries. I want him dead.

Ava: Don’t.

Alan-Michael: Don't what? Be honest? Don't feel the way I feel? Or maybe you're saying don't to yourself. Maybe I'm not the only one feeling this way. Okay, you just bailed me out.

Ava: That was business.

Alan-Michael: Right.

Ava: You know what, the truth is, the truth is I love working for you. I love the money, the perks, the travel. I love everything, but you know what, we have to keep this professional.

Alan-Michael: Wait, can you say that again?

Ava: We have to keep this professional.

Alan-Michael: No, no, no. The part about you love me this, you love me that.

Ava: I'm serious, Alan- Michael.

Alan-Michael: Okay, look. I know you and Coop still have feelings for each other and I respect that...

Ava: And I spent the other night with him, the entire night with him, all night long.

Alan-Michael: Oh.

Ava: So if we can't keep this professional between the two of us, then I need to turn in my hard hat.

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