GL Best Lines Tuesday 1/30/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 1/30/07


Provided By Tanya

Alan-Michael: It wasn't hard. I talked to Beth and I talked to Lizzie. Did you not think this could be traced back to you? You know, for a man who prides himself on getting a job done right, man, were you sloppy, and I'm stuck cleaning up your mess again.

Alan: Who the hell do you think you are, Alan-Michael?

Alan-Michael: I'm the head of Spaulding and the head of this family.

Alan: Well, if you are the head of this family, where were you when Jonathan took Elizabeth and Sarah? I was the one left here to take care of everything.

Alan-Michael: Well, you did a bang-up job.

Alan: And you did nothing. Which is why when it comes to family, you're a great disappointment to me.

Alan-Michael: And you're a killer.

Alan: I would do anything for my family.

Alan-Michael: Maybe if you did a little less, we'd stand half a chance.

Jonathan: No to all of it, unless we make a deal.

Alan-Michael: What kind of deal?

Jonathan: Lizzie can have supervised visits whenever she wants if you give me enough proof to put Alan away for killing Tammy.

Alan: I will prove myself to you, Elizabeth. At the risk of this town's disapproval, I will attend Tammy’s funeral. I will stand by you and honor your friend.

Lizzie: (Laughs) You want to go because you know that only a guilty man would hide. You don't care if everyone in this town hates you as long as they don't suspect you.

Alan: I underestimated you.

Lizzie: Shocker.

Alan: You've got a lot to learn, and I can teach you.

Lizzie: I'm leaving.

Alan: You're capable of great things, Elizabeth, if you don't let your heart get in your way.

Lizzie: It's the only thing keeping me from turning into you.

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