GL Best Lines Monday 1/29/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 1/29/07


Provided By Tanya

Mallet: He's barely alive. What the hell were you thinking?

Remy: I was thinking how it felt to get hit by a car going 50 miles an hour. I was thinking how it felt to lie in a hospital bed and say good-bye to the people you loved. I was thinking how he needed to pay for killing Tammy. I hope to hell he....

Mallet: Back off, man. Back off, Remy, don't make me cuff you. This guy is our main suspect. Do you understand? This guy is our whole case, have you lost your mind?

Remy: Maybe I have.

Cassie: And what you did is? I know Lizzie. I know what your grandfather did to my little girl and I bet you put him up to it.

Lizzie: No, it was not like that. I swear.

Cassie: But pretty damn close, huh?

Lizzie: Tammy took my baby.

Cassie: And you took mine.

Reva: No, it's not over, because you still have someone out there who needs you! Who can't live without you!

Jonathan: I can't do that. Okay? Tammy's the one who showed me how to love my daughter. Tammy's the one who promised to help me raise her. Tammy's the one who made me believe in myself.

Reva: Then believe...

Jonathan: Without her, I don't believe in anything.

Reva: Believe in your daughter, Jonathan, believe in Sarah. Love her. Protect her. Give her what you can't give Tammy.

Jonathan: No. I'm not strong enough to do that. I don't want to raise Sarah no more without Tammy. I don't want to live in a world without Tammy. I don't want to be where Tammy’s not.

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