GL Best Lines Friday 1/19/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 1/19/07


Provided By Tanya

Alan-Michael: You want to stay here or at the hotel?

Ava: Let me take another look at that bedroom. But I'm going to dead-bolt the door at night.

Alan-Michael: Good idea.

Ava: I'm just going to wash up and then I want to get some French food.

Alan-Michael: (Laughs) They just call it food here.

Josh: No, no, no. You know what, just stay. Stay. I'm going to take Reva outside and try to talk--

Reva: Talk some sense into me? Because -- (laughs) -- silly woman that I am, I can't think for myself. Well news flash, Joshua, we're not married anymore, so I'm entitled to think on my own.

Josh: You know what? That's enough. Could you excuse us for just a minute, please?

Reva: No.

Josh: Excuse us. I don't appreciate you talking to me like that!

Reva: And I don't appreciate you treating me like a child!

Josh: Do you think she's buying it?

Reva: I don't know. I almost bought it myself.

Olivia: She is a big girl. She has a high-powered job, a rich boss and may I say, a lot of ambition. She doesn't need a daddy.

Jeffrey: Well, you were a big girl once, too, remember? The night of the Embassy party. Or at least you thought you were. Now, if you could go back, wouldn't you want someone to stop you from making the worst mistake of your life?

Lizzie: I got Sarah because Jonathan and I belong together.

Tammy: You got Sarah because Jonathan was drunk and wanted to have meaningless sex with someone meaningless.

Lizzie: What a great way to talk about my child, our child. I'll be sure that Jonathan knows exactly how you feel about his little girl.

Reva: I looked healthy when I was diagnosed the first time. I wonder if Jonathan’s called.

Josh: 50 bucks says he hasn’t.

Reva: And you win. What kind of a kid forgets his own mother?

Josh: Oh, come on, Reva. Did you call your mother on our honeymoon?

Reva: On some of them.

Lizzie: No. Because we were supposed to be a family, you and me and Sarah.

Jonathan: We are, technically-- a divorced family. I'm with...

Lizzie: Don't! Don't say her name. I don't want to hear her damn name. She didn't have your baby, I did.

Remy: Tammy, take a breath and calm down. Look, why are you calling me?

Tammy: Because... because this is serious. I think Jonathan’s really gotten into something, and I'm afraid of what will happen if I don't get to him right now.

Remy: Tammy... sorry, Jonathan’s your problem now. You want this life? You want to be tangled up in his mess? Well, good luck to the both of you!

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