GL Best Lines Wednesday 1/17/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 1/17/07


Provided By Tanya

Tammy: You can't just take a baby away from its mother. You know that. Not like this.

Jonathan: Mother left baby in the car.

Tammy: Okay, Lizzie screwed up. But she didn't walk out on Sarah for good. Look, even if Sarah wasn't a part of this, I couldn't do it. We would just be running from one hiding spot to another. I thought you wanted to be done with all of that.

Jonathan: I do.

Tammy: Then we can't run at the first sign of trouble.

Jonathan: Oh. All we ever have is trouble.

Tammy: We're here. We're still together. After everything we've been through, we shouldn't have to run. Whatever we come up against, we can handle it. Jonathan, tell me we can do that.

Jonathan: Do you want to get a table?

Judge: No, I have just been informed about the incident yesterday with the baby.

Lizzie: My car was stolen.

Judge: With the baby inside.

Lizzie: We were in front of a church.

Judge: I think it's significant that you didn't mention it earlier.

Jonathan: I'm sorry.

Judge: No, no, no. I'm impressed that you didn't use it, particularly in light of what your wife said.

Lizzie: We both said things.

Judge: He spoke about himself, and was honest about his shortcomings. You only spoke about him.

Lizzie: Because I have less shortcomings.

Tammy: I didn't think it would be Lizzie’s kid. Jonathan, I have never been able to predict anything with us. But the big picture just keeps getting better and better, so let's just go with it, hmm?

Jonathan: Let's go with it.

Tammy: Yeah. What?

Jonathan: This. I'm not married anymore.

Tammy: Yeah, I know.

Jonathan: So let's get married. Let's do it now.

Tammy: We're babysitting right now.

Jonathan: Well, not now now. Today now. Later now.

Tammy: Are you... you're proposing right now? You are really proposing to me?

Jonathan: Yeah. What? What am I sup... what, like this?

Tammy: Okay, that's not you. No.

Jonathan: You want it like this? Come on, let's get married! You know it's what we want. It's what we've been waiting for, right? Oh! Tammy, say something.

Tammy: I say yes. Yes, yes, yes, let's get married!

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