GL Best Lines Monday 1/15/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 1/15/07


Provided By Tanya

Beth: Why don't we go home?

Alan: I'm not ready.

Beth: I can take your mind off of Lizzie and Jonathan. I can't make you forget what we've lost, but I can remind you of just how much we have.

Alan: My, my, Beth, those marriage counseling sessions with Rick and Mel must be going very well if you're trying to take me home and seduce me.

Tammy: He wants to be with me, Remy.

Remy: That's funny. I'm really funny, because I can't see Johnny sticking with anything that long. Hope you know what you're doing.

Tammy: I'm doing the right thing, Remy; we both are.

Remy: Good, good, because you're leaving behind the better guy.

Alan: Well, does this mean that you have changed your mind and are going to accept my offer about you helping me get the baby away from Jonathan and Lizzie, and I will help you get Josh away from your sister, Cassie?

Reva: Did hell freeze over and nobody told me?

Alan: You're making a serious misjudgment.

Reva: I'm not jumping into bed with you, Alan. Been there, done that. Not so good.

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